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La Rioja Potatoes

21 julio de 2016

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(La Rioja Potatoes)

In La Rioja people say that when the celebrated chef, Paul Bocuse, tried this stew in a well-known bodega, and after wolfing down three plates of it in a row, he said that a dish like this should represent Spain all over the world, because it was the tastiest that he had tried in his life.

Nobody knows for certain where it comes from because this stew was made in any household where the food is as it should be. It is always said that stews should be left to ‘rest’, even until the next day, but in this case this is not appropriate because the potatoes have to be eaten straight away, perhaps leaving them for a couple of hours to thicken the broth, but no longer.

It is a dish from the traditional recipe book of La Rioja, from the time when our ancestors spent the day in the fields, whether collecting olives, harvesting the grapes or preparing the crops. They were times when our own two feet were our only means of transport and the day was spent from dawn until dusk just a few kilometres from the bell tower that marked the hours.

Half way through the day, when the stomach tightened to indicate that it was time to eat after a hard morning's work, our ancestors would take the produce that was close by, grown from the land by their own hands: some potatoes, an onion, a few peppers... and if they were lucky and it was during the slaughtering period, a good lump of chorizo.  And they would savour some patatas a la riojana, a simple dish to make, a staple of lunches and snacks among teams of labourers, which has now become the flagship dish of La Rioja’s cuisine.

To follow the Riojan custom, this stew must be accompanied by some green chillies in vinegar (piparras), served separately on a dish, which diners skewer and eat between spoonfuls of the stew.

Nowadays, perhaps to enjoy the same surprise as the genius Bocuse, every time we visit a bodega we sample the Patatas a la Riojana once more.  And sometimes the visit to the bodega is nothing more than an excuse... Delicious!

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