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23 diciembre de 2015

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Andalusian Tripe

As a result of our passion for old favourites, we like to offer traditional recipes like Callos, or tripe. References to this dish in literature date back to the late 16th Century.

The main ingredient is beef stomach (known as libro in Spanish owing to its layered appearance in the form of a book), married with some snout and hoof (also of beef) which give the dish a gelatinous texture as it cooks. It is completed with a sofrito, the sautéed vegetables that are a staple of Spanish cuisine, which provides colour and a different touch of flavour, and with chorizo and morcilla (black pudding).

The Andalusian variant of this dish contains pork offal (rather than the beef of the Castilian recipes) and adds chickpeas.

We decided to combine the two recipes, and to the callos a la madrileña (with beef) we have added the chickpeas (from the Andalusian recipe). Thus we honour our Castilian origin and our adoptive Andalusia.

You’ll enjoy this tasty dish!

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